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UIL OAP 2023

Lily Daw
and the Three Ladies

(read-through Dinner 6pm 2/6 in the Black Box)


Stage Manager - Tess Goedde

Props/Set  - Oliver VanBrackle Montes

Props/Set  - Gavin Newton

Sound - Triston Witte

Costumes - Faye Cunningham

Lights - Abigail Jimenez

Ed Newton - Alexander Lagos

Mrs. Etta Watts - Laila Leguillow

Aimee Slocum - Lily Ong

Lily Daw - Dylan Burke

Young Man - JoshWrobbel

Mrs. Benson - Grayson Cater

Mrs. Carson - Syd Blackhurst

Miss Lind - Avery Radford

Bill Casey - Oliver Mason

Estelle Mabers - Sofia Fish

Towns Person / Male Swing -  Cooper George

Towns Person - Reggie Dommert

Towns Person - Logan George

Towns Person - Victoria Nemeth

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