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Cain Theatre



OCTOBER 28, 29 & 30

Tickets are sold in 30 minute intervals.

We encourage you to arrive slightly before your ticketed time.

Please make sure you are buying tickets for the experience you want.  

All our guests will be taken on a guided tour through the theatre in groups of 6. 

Before and/or after your tour stop by our carnival for some food, fun and games. 


There are two different Stage Fright experiences -


The ISpy activity will be from 6 pm- 7 pm and is for our younger or more timid guests. A guide will take audience members through the haunted theatre that’s just spooky enough to show some Halloween spirit. You will get an ISpy sheet with a bunch of things to find as you walk through the theatre space.  The ISpy activity will have some of our special effects with lighting, sound, and fog but no jump scarce or total blackout. 


The Stage Fright Theatre Experience is an immersion into our haunted theatre. Tours will be from 7pm - 9pm. You, our guest, will be playing the role of a new Cain Theatre student on an introductory tour of the theater spaces. If you think you know the Cain Auditorium let us assure you - you don’t. We reconfigured and designed the space for a full sensory adventure.

As your guides take you along the tour your real journey begins. 

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