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We are getting ready for our 24 Hour Play Project.  You may be asking yourself - “What is a 24 Hour Play Project?” - let me explain.  The student will enter the building at 7pm on May  17 to start work on an original play and at 7pm May 18 the curtain will go up on a full production created by the students over the last 24 hours.


Here is some information to help get the ball rolling:


Who can be involved? Mr. Robinson’s Theatre Production Students, Students who have had a company role/job in any production this year and may apply. Acceptance will be based on application, commitment and involvement in the Cain Theatre program.  

Does it cost? Yes. $20.00 As you know we try to keep the cost of everything to a minimum and we will continue to do so for the 24 Hour Play Project. This money will go to cover food. (a snack Friday night and 3 meals on Saturday) We will get dietary restrictions once we know who is in the company.

What about sleeping? There will be a schedule for the full 24 hours. This will include staggered times to rest/sleep. There will be separated rest/sleep rooms for boys and girls. 

Will there be a male and female adult there the entire time?  Yes. There will be at least one male and female Cain director there the entire time. 

So is this like a “Theatre Lock-In”?  NO! This is NOT a “lock-in”. Lock-ins are associated with game, movies, and silly (but fun) group activities. We will not have time for that while trying to fully produce a show in 24 hours. While we will have fun - this is designed to be a 100% participatory theatre educational experience.

Can the students leave or arrive late? No. For safety and to ensure quality work we are requiring anyone involved to be there the entire time. 

Can parents come see the show?  YES. We are asking everyone to come see it - not only parents but friends, other family members, teachers and even those people who just want to see if we could do it.  Tickets will go on sale May 13th.

What if a parent/guardian needs to reach their child?  Students will be able to have their cell phones but we are asking they only be used for parent/guardian contact. Again we have a lot to get done in a short amount of time. We don’t have time for Tik Tok.

Will you need parent help? We will need volunteers to help with meals. This will all be run through our booster club and we will forward more information to you as soon as concrete plans are set.

What do we do next?  We are asking all students eligible to participate fill out this Participation Application. Even if you are unable to participate please fill out the application. This will help us know who has definitely received the information and give us an accurate count to help us prepare for the event. This form is due  Thursday May 9th .

Wait did that say “Application”? Yes. While we would love for everyone to be involved there may be situations that a student may not be able to participate. We will be looking at grade eligibility, discipline, interviews (if needed), class participation, commitment and work in the Cain Theatre program. 

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