Got a Question?



Updated 7/31/2020

Will we be doing main stage shows?

We hope so. We will not be able to do a full 5 to 6 show season and things will look different. Our goal is to be as creative as we can in facilitating artistic growth and learning (while having some great performances and a little fun 😊)


What about Musical?

YES! Check out Musical 2021 page for more info.


How will we get our Production Class hours?

We will not have hour requirement while we are 100% off-campus, and we will adapt hour requirements once we are back on campus, based on what we are allowed to do.


Are we going to have after school rehearsal and work?                      

We are having after school rehearsal. We will be strictly adhering to the guidelines we are given by the district.


Once we are back on campus, how will the online option be different?

The big difference will be the live performance of work and feedback vs. the submission of recorded or virtual performances. We are still receiving information on how online and on campus will be assigned to us as teachers. Both online and on campus students will be able to audition for and participate in shows/performances, but when allowed, rehearsals will be held after school on campus.



Will we be doing virtual performances?

We are planning for many different possibilities and virtual performances are one of them.