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We are doing something different this year. We are producing two main stage shows at the same time. They will both be performed for two weekends in September.  We will be alternating each evening between shows. Yes!!! That means the set too!!! We are so excited for the challenge.

Both shows will have the same "crew heads" but different stage managers.

To clear up possible confusion we are transitioning away from the "Crew Head" title. We are going to start using some more theatre industry titles and terminology for these company positions (job responsibilities don't really change)

Scripts have been ordered and we will let you know when they can be picked up.

PLEASE DO NOT WATCH FILM VERSIONS OF THE SHOWS! We want you to be your own creative artist not a copy of someone else. (and the movie is way different than the play)



Gavin Newton - Wardrobe Supervisor (Costumes)
Mary Kennedy - Master Carpenter (set)

Sofia Fish - Assistant Carpenter (Set)
Victoria Nemeth - Property M
aster (Props)

Oliver VanBrackle-Montes - Sound Engineer (Sound)

Reggie Dommert - Publicity Manager (Pub)

Elizabeth Matters - Master Electrician (Lights)

Steel Magnolias Cast

Lily Zapada - Stage Manager 


Kara Badrous - Shelby

Madeline Cousins - Truvy

Mya Wiggins - Clairee

Grayson Cater - M'Lynn

Tess Goedde - Anelle

Dylan Burke - Ouiser

Greater Tuna Cast

Valeria MacCragh - Stage Manager 

Logan George

Luke Pollard

Oliver Mason

Syd Blackhurst

Avery Radford

Faye Cunningham

Alex Estrada

Sara Springett

*note Greater Tuna has 20+ Character (including a dog) who will be played by the above cast. Some role will be workshopped in our early rehearsals before assigning them


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