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Wizard of OZ

Stage Manager - Syd Blackhurts

Assistant Stage Manager - Tess Goedde

Assistant Stage Manager - Lily Zapata

Dorothy Gale - Mya Wiggins

Aunt Em/Glinda - Sara Springett

Uncle Henry/Emerald Guard - Oliver Mason

Zeke/Lion - Luke Pollard

Hickory/Tinman - Logan George

Hunk/Scarecrow - Dylan Burke

Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch - Madeline Cousins

Professor Marvel/Wizard - Grayson Cater

Toto - Kenedi Williams

Featured Chorus
Kara Badrous
Marra Cottrell
Tyler Curtice
Alex Estrada
Annalee Judge
Tavis Kloeppel
Adrian Ortiz
Morgan Porter
Avery Radford
Selina Ren
Isiah Wallace
Christopher Weaver


Aimee Garza
Victoria Nemeth
Brianna Wells


Master Carpenter - Gavin Newton

Assistant Carpenter - Reggie Dommert
Master Electrician - Mary Kennedy
Assistant Electrician - Robert Whitte

Sound Engineer - Abigail Jimenez

Sound Technician - Ash Smith

Publicity Manager - Keeley Hudson

Publicity Manager - Karina Carter

Props Master - Oliver VanBrackle-Montes

Assistant Props Master - Ember Guler

Wardrobe Supervisor - Faye Cunningham

Wardrobe Assistant - Venus Prunkard
Wardrobe Assistant - Olivia Silva

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