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We are creating this page that will be updated as more questions arise.  We plan in posting answers here so everyone can be informed as we move forward on this great adventure.


Q: What COVID protocols will be followed at rehearsals?

A: We will be following ALL KISD protocols for Fine Arts. This mirrors the class room protocols. Social distancing and mask will be worn at rehearsals and according to KISD guidelines during performances as well.


Q: When will the show be?

A: We plan to still have the performances ot our tradition last weekend in January and first weekend in February (1/29 & 30  2/4, 5 & 6


Q:How will auditions run?

A: There will be both vocal and dance segments. We are running through our possibilities for these now.  We will be following all safety guidelines. We will stagger audition times to cut down on the amount of people in one area. We are looking into a hybrid of in person and submitted video auditions.


Q:When are Auditions?

A: We would love for the auditions to be the week of November 9-13 but we have not received our materials yet so they may be November 16-20. We will make this call by Wednesday November 4th


Q: How will rehearsals run?

A: They will be on campus. Again, All safety guidelines will be enforced. There will be a high amount of responsibility on cast members to learn and rehears outside of scheduled rehearsals. Rehearsals will be Monday - Thursday 3-5 Friday 3-6 and Saturdays if needed.


Q:Why A Chorus Line - High School Edition?

A: We looked at A LOT of shows finding a show that would fit 3 top criteria was very important to us.  1. We could produce safely.  2. We could use as many students as we can under the guidelines. 3. Will provide the students with educational opportunities that they have not have so far.  This show checked the most of our boxes.

  • To those of you familiar with the original Chorus Line : This version is designed for highschool students and audiences. It still looks at the characters and the real life experiences and struggles but it does remove or changes the language that is not high school appropriate. 


Q: I’m in Production Theatre and I am not able to be on campus right now or my family is not comfortable with me being is a show. Am I required to audition?

A:No, because of the current situation you are not required to audition.  There will be an alternative assignment to replace the audition. 


Q: I’m not in a Fine Arts class. Can I Audition?

A: Yes 


Q: Will we have rehearsal over winter break?

A: Yes. We will try and work around family schedules. Rehearsals will be limited. Do not reschedule or cancel any plans.


Q: When will audition packets be available?

A: As soon as we receive our materials from the publisher we will post the audition packet online with all instructions, materials, and dates for auditions.


If you have any questions please submit a question on the below form 

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